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Director-General’s Opening Statement, Supplementary Budget Estimates 2022-23

Opening Statement to Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee

Chris Moraitis PSM, Director-General, Office of the Special Investigator

Thank you Chair.

As I outlined before this Committee in November last year, the OSI continues to undertake its joint investigations with the AFP as expeditiously as possible.

Approximately 40 matters are under active investigation, including allegations raised in the Brereton Report and those that have come to our attention through other avenues.

Investigations are under ongoing review and that number may increase if additional matters are raised, but over time I expect it will reduce overall as it becomes clear which allegations may be substantiated to the high threshold required for a criminal justice process.

As always, we are conscious of the potential impact on anyone affected by our investigations and my teams are unwavering in their commitment to ensuring allegations of war crimes within our remit are subject to fair, thorough and impartial investigation without unnecessary delay.

War crimes investigations are inherently complex, but I remain optimistic a first full brief of evidence will be ready for the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions to consider in the months ahead.

Public interest in our work is, of course, understandable and we will continue to provide as much information as we are able to, while balancing the operational integrity of investigations.

I would welcome any questions you might have.


The full Hansard transcript of this hearing is available on the committee’s estimates web page.